In an Orchard Grown from Ash by Rory Power

In an Orchard Grown from Ash, Rory Power delivers a compelling and poignant conclusion to her mythical epic fantasy duology. She draws us back into the world of the Argyros siblings, a trio of deeply complex and multifaceted characters, now divided by betrayal and a fight to reclaim their lost power. 

Power’s storytelling is beautiful, the prose layered with dark, atmospheric imagery that immerses readers into the rich tapestry of a realm simultaneously brutal and enchanting. It is a book that requires your full attention, as the narrative is intricately woven with subtle details and various threads that only become clear as they coalesce towards the end. As such, some may find it a little hard to follow, but the reward for those who persist is deeply satisfying.

The strength of In an Orchard Grown from Ash is arguably the character development. As they grapple with their fractured bonds and reckon with their past, Rhea, Chrysanthi, and Lexos evolve in surprising and powerful ways. Power explores themes of power, legacy, and family ties with raw intensity that leaves readers riveted.

The climax of the novel is nothing short of brutal, serving as a testament to Power’s fearless approach to storytelling. The complex narrative threads resolve in a denouement that is as shocking as it is profound, shedding light on the book’s intricate storyline and leaving an indelible impression.

In essence, In an Orchard Grown from Ash is a darkly beautiful exploration of the cost of power and the weight of legacy. It’s a demanding read, but for those who appreciate intricate storytelling and complex characters, it’s undoubtedly a rewarding one.

Thank you to Del Rey for providing an e-Arc of In an Orchard Grown from Ash by Rory Power for my review.

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