If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy

In If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy, Cindy, a plus-sized recent graduate of Parsons is looking to find her next step in life. With a stepmother in Hollywood, she finds an alternative to going on America’s Favorite Reality love story: Before Midnight. When Cindy arrives on set she realizes the competition she’s up against and looks for her own path through the competition. With her design skills and take-charge personality, she soon captivates the hearts of America. 


“‘Use it,’ he says. ‘Whatever it is that had you hung up. An ex, a death, or just plain old depression. The best part about crossing any bridge is the chance to look back and be able to fully understand where you came from. You’re not a machine. You’re not a computer. You’re an artist, and any good artist knows life feeds into art and art feeds into life.’” – Julie Murphy, If the Shoe Fits


I have loved Julie Murphy’s books and their messages about body positivity and loving yourself for a while If the Shoe Fits is no exception. As someone who has enjoyed a season or two of the Bachelor, I instantly loved the backdrop to this love story. The set-up of competition & dates was perfect to give the book a good cadence to the action. I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t seen this premise before for a romance novel, it worked out well.

Honestly, I was all in just for the descriptions of the shoes! Murphy has an eye towards the important details, the shoes being key for this book. She has a way of humanizing and allowing us to see behind the curtain of what it’s like for marginalized groups of people but still keeping the story campy and light. Murphy writes fully realistic and human characters; I totally identified with Cindy and loved her outlook on not only the competition but also what she wanted for her life’s goals. I even appreciated the ending, as this was a story about Cindy and her success, not necessarily about getting the guy.

I recommend this book if you like well setup romances and if you binged the last season of the Bachelor!

I received an e-book arc of If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy from the publisher Disney Publishing Worldwide.

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