The Night CountryTales from the Hinterland by Melissa Albert

In The Night Country by Melissa Albert, Alice is adjusting to the real world as a story. Living in New York City, working a job and living with her mom, she tries to be as normal as possible. Except she’s not. She’s an ex-story and that sometimes gets in the way of things. When other ex-stories start getting murdered it seems like Alice must once again solve a mystery to keep herself and her community safe.

Favorite Quote

“Like all good bookshops, Edgar’s was a pocket universe, where time moved slow as clouds.” ― Melissa Albert, The Night Country


The Night Country by Melissa Albert is an interesting follow-up to the first book The Hazel Wood. While it’s not as creepy as the first book, there are still images and moments that do lean into the macabre world that Albert has created. There are fleeting moments where Alice gets to be the teen that she deserves to be, which I enjoyed. After all that she and the other ex-stories had been through, I wanted them only to have nice things, even though this is not that kind of story.

If you enjoyed this series, I recommend reading Tales of the Hinterland, Albert’s telling of the book within a book as well. These creepy fairy tales kept me at the edge of my seat and always wanting more. If I had it to do over again, I would have read Tales of the Hinterland before I read the first book. These fairy tales had all of the horrifying images and brutality that I’ve come to expect in Albert’s work. She really outdid herself with the world she built in these tales.

I recommend these books if you’re looking for macabre fairy tales created to fascinate and scare.

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