Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

Rating – 3.5 out of 5

With revelations about how human’s have been held captive for generations and more questions coming than answers about Spensa’s ability to hear the starts, Starsight by Brandon Sanderson starts off with a bang. Spensa, in a dangerous and autonomous move, decides to join an enemy Krell flight command while undercover to discover what is happening in the universe outside of their small stronghold. With little support except for M-Bot and Doomslug, Spensa must use her intuition to find out more about the world around her and what is really happening with the Krell.

Favorite Quote

“A hero does not choose her trials. She steps into the darkness, then she faces what comes next.” ― Brandon Sanderson, Starsight

Why I liked Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

Right back at it with a Sassy AI (M-Bot) and a Doomslug. TBH, that’s the main reason I wanted to keep reading these books. I think the dogfighting is great and the alien mysteries are intriguing, but sassiness and trilling doom slugs are what keeps me coming back for more. If you want more of the series right now read my review of Skyward to get a sense of the first novel.

Yet, more than that Sanderson captures the chaos and the triumph it is to be human in a universe that is run by logical and more advanced species. In the realm of Science Fiction, there is often a narrative around how humans are some of the most erratic but inventive of all of the species. That is the same in this novel. What is different is that in this universe humans are also the most aggressive and violent of the known species. 

This is something that Sanderson explores at length. Are we violent in a way that causes true harm or are we sometimes physically violent but can be less socially so? Starsight explores how structural oppression and xenophobia are core to understanding how a society might be harmful without ever launching a physical attack. Highlighting this allows Sanderson to make a broader statement about society while also letting us lose ourselves in the humor of Doomslug and M-bot. This book was delightful in the same way Skyward was.

It’s been announced that this is the second of four books!! I look forward to reading the rest of this series!

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