Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

Rating –  4.75 out of 5

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan, the conclusion of the Crazy Rich Asian Trilogy (reviews here and here) follows the Young family through their most dramatic plot yet, the end of the generation. With Su Yi on her deathbed and the family comes together to come to terms with their matriarch moving on. The family has just as much drama in transition as they always have. In this stunning ending to a great series, we see the true colors of the Young family and see what being a Crazy Rich Asian Family can mean.

Favorite Quote

“The quality of the stone isn’t perfect, but when I wore it, it always reminded me of how life can surprise you. Sometimes, the thing that at first appears flawed can end up being the most perfect thing in the world for you.”  ― Kevin Kwan, Rich People Problems

Why I liked Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

Rich People Problems was deeper than the other books but with just as much intrigue. The main focus of the story deals with family upheaval and the end of an era. There are so many good interweaving and juicy details in this series and this story brings them all together. The quote below gets to the heart of why this story was so much deeper than the others and why the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy and movie matters deeply to the representation of Asian stories in media.

“Scientists talk about how we inherit health issues from our parents through our genes, but we also inherit this entire lineage of fear and pain—generations of it.”  ― Kevin Kwan, Rich People Problems

I adored Kwan’s handling of such a strong character like Su Yi coming to terms with her passing. She is a great representation of an Asian matriarch and getting to know her story through Nick’s explorations was beautifully done. This whole series has a soft spot in my heart not only for the grand storytelling but how deftly it handles the politics and nature of a proud Asian family. I won’t spoil the ending of how the drama around the inheritance and Tyersall Park concludes but I will say this – it lives up to all the ridiculousness and crazy richness of the previous books. Truly a fitting ending to a captivating series.

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