Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Rating –  4 out of 5

In Skyward by Brandon Sanderson shows us a world where humanity has been pushed to its limits. Spensa Nightshade has been constantly pushed to the side as her father was a traitor to humanity, but she dreams of following in his footsteps and becoming a fighter pilot to protect humanity against the scourge of the Krell. When her time comes, Spensa is pushed to the limits in training, fighting against the Krell and her own people at every turn. With the help of her friends and a sassy AI system, she finds out more about what is has happened in the past and the enemy humanity is facing now.

Favorite Quote

“Sometimes, the answers we need don’t match the questions we’re asking.” He looked up at me. “And sometimes, the coward makes fools of wiser men.”  ― Brandon Sanderson, Skyward

Why I liked Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson was a longer book that I usually read, but it used those pages well. Coming in at 528 pages, there was a great amount of story there and many pages were filled with interesting fight scenes all taking place from the cockpit of an advanced fighter jet. Sanderson wrote excellent fight scenes that were easy to digest and thrust you into the action. The amount of detail that he used when it came to the ships and the training sequences was impressive and appreciated. I felt immersed in this world at a level that few other science fiction YA novels have been able to reach. He even added in a sassy AI ship, which if you’ve read my reviews of the Cinder Series (here, here, here, and here) you will know tickles this reader immensely.

I was frustrated with was how the leadership of humanity in this story never questioned what was happening when it came to the Krell. I was surprised by how Admiral Ironsides did not look for any more information about the enemy they had been fighting their whole life. To be fair, the mystery kept me reading, but it struck me as an unrealistic trait in a military leader. The way this reveal was structured though gives Sanderson a great opening to write more about this world. There is more story to be told here and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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