The Mistress: A Novel

Rating – 2.3 out of 5

The mistress of a fabulously rich Russian meets a starving artist. While her world is dominated by money and being at the beck and call of man who seemingly owns everything, his world consists of art and not much else. Jealousy, intrigue, and possibly freedom ensue.

Favorite Quote

“She was a many-faceted woman, both wise and naive, frightened and brave, and poignantly human.”

– The Mistress, pg 250.

Why I liked it

Danielle Steel does a good job of describing the mechanics of a relationship between a man who has everything and a woman who is dependent upon him. The Mistress show how all consuming that can be. That was the most interesting part of the story in my opinion.

The background characters are full and interesting in their own right. The descriptions of them let us in to their worlds. Particularly the people who were from the art community. They were interesting and just the type of characters you would hope for.

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